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Welcome to my play-along recordings for recorder players! 

Here you will get the fun and rare opportunity to play a piece along with the composer. For each work there are several versions: a full recording, plus versions in which one of the parts is missing. The latter will allow you to fill in the missing part with your own playing. These can be used as often as you like, either for your own enjoyment, or as a way to prepare for a read-through or performance with other players. If you have the ability, I encourage you to play them back at different speeds for practice purposes.

Scores for all of the pieces on this page may be ordered directly from Lost in Time Press.

I plan to add more works to this page as I complete them, so keep checking back!


Three Canonic Duets


This triptych of Canonic Duets was written during the Covid-19 lockdown, as a way for my recorder-playing friends to enjoy playing new music with each other online. As long as the second voice mutes themselves, they can hear both themselves and the first voice without worrying about sound latency; and since only one part needs to be learned by both players, it’s easy to take turns starting, thus giving both players the satisfaction of experiencing the work as a whole. Of course, they’re even more enjoyable to play with each other in person!

Canonic Duet One

Canonic Duet Two

Canonic Duet Three
Providence Raptors


Providence Raptors is the title of a stunning and fascinating book by nature photographer Peter Green. With his blessing, I composed this suite of pieces, each inspired by a different vignette in the book.

"Eyas" is the scientific term for a falcon nestling. This piece reflects the story of a plucky newborn falcon who fell from its nest at the top of what is known in Providence as “The Superman Building.” Peter Green happened to note the plight of the poor creature in time and managed to rescue it from almost certain death.

Owls in the Cemetery” evokes the sounds and sensibilities of these magnificent creatures, many of whom can be found in the beautiful Swan Point Cemetery.

Like “Teenagers with Ferraris,” young Peregrine Falcons have perfectly streamlined bodies, but lack experience to handle the speed. In this trio, I have infused an excitement for speed and flight with moments of awkwardness and confusion.


Hungry Hawks Hunting” evokes episodes of soaring and searching, frenzies and swooping, finishing with the departing flight of a hawk who begins to dream of his next feast.


Often spotted on power lines stalking small rodents, songbirds and insects, the “Cute and Colorful Little Killers” known as American Kestrels are fun to watch as they hover above their prey, flapping rapidly in the wind until the perfect moment to strike.

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