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Do No Harm
een mentaliteit - Play-along

Play along with Miyo Aoki on "een mentaliteit" by Jamie Allen, the ARS's 2024 Play-the-Recorder-Month piece!

Cute & Colorful Little Killers

"Cute & Colorful Little Killers" is a work from the Providence Raptors Suite for Recorder Trio. The title refers to American Kestrels, which are adorable little falcons, most commonly found in grasslands and meadows. Loss of habitat has forced them to move into urban areas like Providence (or magical landscapes created by visual representations of sound waves, as seen in this wonderful animation by Hope Anderson), where they manifest their great talent for adaptability. Often spotted on power lines stalking small rodents, songbirds, and insects, kestrels are fun to watch as they hover over their prey, flapping rapidly in the wind until the perfect moment to strike.

Providence Raptors

This is the first performance of Jamie Allen, "Providence Raptors," with the composer as recorder soloist, and Mark Davis conducting. The performance is from the PMO's concert on June 26, 2022, in Lincoln RI. "Providence Raptors" is inspired by urban wildlife photographer Peter Green’s book of the same title. There are three movements, played without pause:


Eyas: 00:09

Owls in the Cemetery: 3:04

Teenagers with Ferraris: 7:13


First Mandolin: Lynne Bell, Christine Chito, Michael J. Raymond, Jr, John Rufo

Second Mandolin: Mark Chuoke, Marcie Glicksman, Paul Wilde

Mandola in G (octave mandolin): Robert Margo Mandocello: Oliver Reid

Classical Guitar: Beverly Davis, James Macartney

Bass: Hiatt Knapp

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