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Chamber Music

Brazilian Sonata (3 movements)

Instrumentation: 2 Flutes, Piano, Harp, 2 Percussion   |   Duration: 17'54"

AUDIO (A Call to Samba)    AUDIO (The Lure of the Sea)   AUDIO (Certas Senhoras)   

Written for the Hope for the Americas concert, benefitting Futures for Children.

Claus is Comin'

Instrumentation: Cello Choir   |  Duration: 2'49"   |   SCORE 

An upbeat, festive Christmas arrangement for intermediate level cellists.

Dime lluvia

Instrumentation: Piano, Flute, Percussion   |  Duration: 4'44"   |   AUDIO

Lively, modern arrangement of Peruvian folk tune

Double Variations for Bass Trombone and percussion

Instrumentation: Bass Trombone, 2 Percussion   |  Duration: 8'33"   |   SCORE

Commissioned by Angel Subero

In Memory of a Once New World (3 movements)

Instrumentation: Piano, 2 Percussion

Duration: 23'58"   |   AUDIO (Encounter)   AUDIO (Resignation)   AUDIO (Struggle)

Commissioned by the New Mexico Music Teachers Association. Premiered in 1992.

Midnight Sun

Instrumentation: Flute, Native American Flute   |  Duration: 9'51"   |   AUDIO

A meditative duet for flute and Native American flute.

New Mexico Landscapes (6 movements)

Instrumentation: Flute, Piano, Percussion, Voice, Guitar, Electronic Tape
Duration: 36'16"   |   AUDIO

Musical settings inspired by 6 places in New Mexico. Performance includes use of
projected original images to accompany each movement.

North Marble Island

Instrumentation: 3 French Horns, 3 Narrators   |  Duration: 6'00"

Musical description of an island bird sanctuary in Glacier Bay, Alaska,

preceded by narration of an original poem.

Nova Nova Nowell

Instrumentation: 2 Pianos, Timpani,  Percussion   |  Duration: 7'22"   |   SCORE 

A medley of three medieval British Nativity Songs, in a modern arrangement.

Rhythm Sextet (3 movements)

Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello, Percussion   |  Duration: 18'24"   

 SCORE (Koto)   SCORE (Swing Scherzo)   SCORE (Improbable Impromptu)

AUDIO (Koto)   AUDIO (Swing Scherzo)   AUDIO (Improbable Impromptu)

Commissioned by 20th Century Unlimited. Premiered by the California Ear Unit in 2000.

Simple Gifts (arrangement)

Instrumentation: Cello Choir   |  Duration: 3'37"   |   SCORE   

Commissioned by the Dallas Symphony Young Strings Cello Choir.

The Dragon Awakes

Instrumentation: Piano, Cello, Audience Participation   |  Duration: 14'32"    |   AUDIO

Musical rendering of a dragon waking from slumber and eventually flying from its cave.
Includes significant audience participation.

The Man Who Couldn't Stop Dancing

Instrumentation: Narrator, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
Duration: 26'39"   |   AUDIO

Traditional New Mexican folk tale set to music. Full of colorful characters and magic.

“Jamie’s music is fresh, rich and has a depth that makes his compositions a really wonderful trip, truly special. Double Variations for Bass Trombone and Percussion is a unique and fantastic addition to the repertoire. You can hear the refined and detailed process where he captures the essence and shows the many colors of the modern bass trombone in the most beautiful, musical and elegant way.”
- Angel Subero
Bass Trombonist for the Boston Philharmonic and Boston Pops Orchestras.

Steven Goldblatt Photography


Dallas Zoo Melodies 

Duration: 6'16"   |   SCORE

An orchestrated medley of melodies writtend by children after observing animal behaviors in the zoo.

Dios Nunca Muere (arrangement)

Duration: 5'42"   |   SCORE

A full orchestral arrangement of the state song of Oaxaca, Mexico

Maka Canchega (percussion concerto)

Duration: 12'00"

Inspired by the ancient Sioux legend of Black Elk

Providence Raptors (for wind symphony)

Duration: 9'28"   |   SCORE

Inspired by the falcons and owls that make their home in Providence, Rhode Island.

Providence Raptors (for solo recorder and mandolin orchestra)

Duration: 9'28"   |   SCORE  |   VIDEO   

Inspired by the falcons and owls that make their home in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tema de pascua (concerto for harp and quena)

Duration: 14'41"

Features solo harp and quena (Andean vertical flute).

The Tree

Duration: 44'22"   |   SCORE 

Written for Youth Orchestra with additional professionals, including narrator and saxophone. Premiered by the Cross Timbers Youth Orchestra in 2007

An experience I'll long remember, I am honored to say that my youth orchestra Philadelphia Sinfonia was able to give the live world premiere of Jamie Allen's "Nightingale Concerto for Solo Recorder, Percussion and Strings". Jamie's concerto is stunningly beautiful, moving, haunting and jubilant - all in the same composition! The work is both immediately accessible and highly complex making it enjoyable on so many different levels. A worthy musical rendition and deserving companion to Keat's "Ode to a Nightingale".

-Gary D. White, conductor

Philadelphia Sinfonia


A Wedding Toast

Instrumentation: SATB Speech Choir   |   Duration: 3'30"

Humorous setting for speech choir of a scene from The Pickwick Papers, by Charles Dickens

Catch a Dream

Instrumentation: Treble Voices   |   Duration: 3'07"   |   AUDIO

For elementary choir

Clap! (Dedicated to Our Warriors)

Instrumentation: SSAA   |   Duration: 7'14"   |   SCORE

An homage to First Responders during the Covid pandemic

Dance With Shadows

Instrumentation: Voice, Piano  |   Duration: 4'50"

Setting of a poem by Kathy Walker

Do No Harm

Instrumentation: SATB, Chamber Orchestra OR SATB, Piano  |   Duration: 9'  |  PIANO/VOCAL SCORE  |  CHAMBER ORCHESTRA SCORE   |   VIDEO

I Am Who We Are

Instrumentation: SATB, Piano, Recorder   |   Duration: 9'59"   |   SCORE

Musical settings of poetry by students of the Internationl House in Rhode Island.

Making Connections

Instrumentation: Treble Voices   |   Duration: 4'03"   |   AUDIO

For elementary choir

Night Sounds

Instrumentation: SA, Piano, Cello   |   Duration: 3'19"

Setting of a poem by Thomas Middleton

Of the Father's Love Begotten

Instrumentation: SATB, Piano 4 hands   |   Duration: 5'41"   |   SCORE

Modern setting of the traditional hymn

The Air, The Melody, The Mystery (3 movements)

Instrumentation: SATB, Oboe, Cello   |   Duration: 9'39"   |   SCORE

Setting of texts by Hildegard von Bingen

The Celebration Boogie

Instrumentation: Treble Voices   |   Duration: 2'34"   |   AUDIO

For elementary choir


Arietta to a Wild Mountain Rose

Instrumentation: Alto, Piano   |   SCORE

Canonic Duet No. 1

Instrumentation: Altos or Tenors   PLAY-ALONG   |   ALTO SCORE   |   TENOR SCORE   |   AUDIO   |   VIDEO

Canonic Duet No. 2

Instrumentation: Altos or Tenors   PLAY-ALONG   |   ALTO SCORE   |   TENOR SCORE   |   AUDIO   |   VIDEO

Canonic Duet No. 3

Instrumentation: Altos or Tenors   PLAY-ALONG   |   ALTO SCORE   |   TENOR SCORE   |   AUDIO   |   VIDEO

Cute & Colorful Little Killers

Instrumentation: Soprano, Alto, Tenor   PLAY-ALONG   |   AUDIO   |   ANIMATED VIDEO

een mentaliteit

Instrumentation: SATB   PLAY-ALONG   |   SCORE   |   EXTENDED VERSION


Instrumentation: Alto, Tenor   PLAY-ALONG   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

Hungry Hawks Hunting

Instrumentation: Alto, Tenor, Bass  PLAY-ALONG   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

In Fairy Lands Forlorn

Instrumentation: AT, Percussion    SCORE   |   AUDIO

Owls in the Cemetery

Instrumentation: Alto, Tenor, Bass   PLAY-ALONG   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

Sunburnt Mirth

Instrumentation: SA, Percussion   SCORE   |   AUDIO

Teenagers with Ferraris

Instrumentation: Alto, Tenor, Bass   PLAY-ALONG   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

Music by Black Composers (arrangements)

Instrumentation: Various

Scores and Play-Along recordings are available in the American Recorder Society Play-Along Library


Coeur de Lion


Community Opera loosely based on legends surrounding the life of Richard the Lionhearted. Includes audience singing of a simple melody attributed to him.

Downloadable score is of opening scene only.

Solo Piano

Can You Cuba?


Elemental Dragons (4 movements, includes original stories)

AirSTORY   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

EarthSTORY   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

Fire – STORY   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

WaterSTORY   |   SCORE   |   AUDIO

Variations on Desire (6 movements)


Various pedagogical pieces

Available on demand. Send email via contact page for inquiries and full listing.

Musical Theater

Scripts and songs available on demand. Send email via contact page for inquiries.


Sudden and inexplicable booming sounds shake up a small and faltering Midwest town. The townspeople react in ways that reveal their characters and, in some cases, open them to change. The booms create fear (and hope) of an alien invasion, bring a media crush, cause a breakup in a teenage romance, reawaken long dead feelings of love, help expose a sheriff’s corruption, and create unexpected economic opportunity. This affectionately satirical musical also pits the findings of science against mob hysteria but closes with love victorious and a sense of mystery and possibility.

Too Big to Fail, Too Small to Matter 

On the eve of the 2008 financial crisis, the new management of a small suburban bank struggles to maintain consumer-friendly, conservative policies while the rest of the industry is engulfed in a tide of greed. Difficult choices lead to a seductive growth that significantly alters the character of both the bank and those who run it. Is it too late for human nature to crawl back from the abyss?

In That Dawn

In a musical that captures the hope and despair of the 1960s, a young journalist, elated by stirrings of social change, plunges into radical politics and the civil rights movement, but finds that historical events and personal tragedy shatter his naïve ideals. Candide meets The Big Chill with a hint of Rent.

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